As the years pass, deeper changes take place between my generation and younger generations old enough to have a presence in the social showcase. A showcase more and more available to anyone with the kind of grace that requires the type of audience that is addressed. I wonder if these differences remain on the surface with ways of relating or how to dress, adorn and enjoy or go further. One notices a certain dizziness around but inevitably does not pay too much attention because it is sufficiently protected by its generation, its preoccupations, its means of communication, its art, its books and its music.

A few days ago I had news of the publicity video from Spain that contrasts two ways of being influential in this moment of transit in which the new generations do not drink of the precedents, but of their own spontaneity. The video is causing a certain stir in the networks. First watch the great video made by Lara Boto for BlinkLearning (an educational web):

I do not believe that anyone in their right mind will reject their educational stage. Just because they could compare with other young people without an education to observe the difference between schooling and not. However, schooling to be imposed produces in many young people an undeserved rejection. It is because the existence of a virtual dimension where they receive the message of absolute unconcern, complete dissolution in crude humor, jumps and grimaces. It is not strange that they find so attractive in a period of their lives so complicated. To understand what I mean see this PewDiePie video a youtuber and, of course, influencer that has almost 52 million followers:


But there are two aspects that most of the youngsters emphasize in the networks: one is that of experience, subjective or not, with bad teachers and two, the fact that in networks they clearly receive the message that they stay true to themselves.

Young people seems to consider good the teaching that receives from the teachers but, mind! Are working for a «square and crushing» society, while the youtuber «teach me to accept and value myself as I am» and «free you, make you feel comfortable regardless of your scores, way of thinking, how you look like …«. It is not clear to me whether they reject the formal education or send the message that it is ruthless with their feelings.

It does not seem difficult to harmonize both processes. On the one hand, having real life skills and being able to exchange performances with society and, on the other hand, dedicating your free time to be happy the way you want. You could also look for ways to be happy by learning or learning by being happy. Of course if the conventional teaching is destroyed the students’ self-esteem something is wrong. But I also think that not one of the 52 million followers of PewDiePie will keep for a long time that watching those videos learn something useful to get a job. I certainly do not argue that they are fun for a certain age, but I doubt that they will reach the 40 years old hooked to them. If so, it would also have to say that something is wrong.

The worst thing about training for work is that it has to be produced at a certain age, just the one in which you have the most energy to enjoy the crazy, the transgressive, that allows you to socialize with those of your generation. But young people should not forget that they will stop being it and other necessities will occupy their time. Needs to be covered will require the skills that teachers teach. Among them, is none more important than the one to develop a critical thinking that prevents that «the old people» pull their legs and not exactly in the school or the university, but in the politics or in the companies. By the time the difficulties arrive, they must be armed with useful skills, such as computer science or the ability to calculate, but also the appropriate attitude towards the arrival of strangers, resistance to the lowering of wages, rejection of contempt for effort studying long years and the ability to respect others. If, today, you do not have this with some teachers, you have to demand it.

Young people should not forget that all technology, not its use, but its conception, design and development is a result of what is learned in school and universities. The same happens with the fabrics they wear or the lights of their places of leisure. It’s all a result of the smart tuning of people who went through school and college in most cases. Let no one pull the example of Steve Jobs that is absolutely exceptional. And yet it was Robert Palladino’s lessons at Reed College that inspired the originality of Apple’s letters types in the future. The rest of the thousands of code creators have needed to be more than great self-taught.

In short, all generations have gone through this. We have studied pushing while we were attracted to the sport or the gang of friends. Today, young people have opened a window similar to Aleph de Borges, which forces them to exercise supreme discipline, because despite the gentle slope that offers all the needs of adolescents it is necessary to make room to look for a place at the sun in society even if it is «square and crushing«. Greater reason to work on change it. Surely the young will find the way, but miss the shot if directed to the teachers, a class of people whose importance is only noticeable when they are not or have not been in your life. Likewise, conventional education will be wrong if it disregards the interests of the adolescents in charge. A very complicated stage of life from which you can come out loving knowledge and life or deeply hurt.


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