You will know that everyone recognizes the olive branch as a symbol of peace that a dove carries in the beak around the world looking for where to rest. The pigeon has been flying for centuries without rest because it has not yet achieved a day with universal peace. Like the light of the Little Lampposts of the Little Prince (you will read), they turn on and off without ceasing around the world. Your birth today with millions of other children is again reason for hope.

You are born at Christmas, which, for us, is the time to celebrate peace. You have a lifetime to choose your destiny. It will depend on you to choose. But, in addition, everyone around you will make it possible with our dedication and love. Your father Moses, who does not fear the waters, your mother Valentina, who fears nothing; Your grandfathers María José and Francisco Javier, who guarantee you love and poetry; Your grandparents Asuncion and Antonio, who guarantee you love and heaviness; Your uncles Bernardo and Carlos who guarantee what you ask them.

You are a child in a time when, at last, we are learning, men and women to appreciate the great luck that what is not a male is so wonderful. You can be a painter the soccer player, actress or lawyer, poetess or waitress, architect or mason, astronaut or miner, priestess or co-worker, happy or happy. Nothing will be free. It will take effort. Also of luck, but, especially of your intelligent effort. Whatever, be for your happiness and that of people. Whatever you do, do well and do not look away when your immediate or immediate support is needed. Of charity or politics, of hope or consolation.

You’re born Olivia in the midst of a bunch of newbies who look at you in amazement and hesitation. None of us has ever had granddaughter or niece before. But do not worry that your mother reads everything and your father solves everything. Your beauty should not miss you, because your mother is beautiful and your father does not interfere. Your resolution should not surprise you, because your father is strong and your mother does not interfere. Your kindness should not surprise you, because your parents are good and your grandparents and uncles do not interfere. Your intelligence should not miss you, because … Use everything to make the world better.

You are born, little girl, so your grandparents can close the virtuous circle of life. If we were trembling parents, we are now expectant grandparents with an attentive and expert look. We will observe how you grow, how you learn, how you love us and how you will leave us when you fly high, high as the dove with your olive branch saying «goodbye, thank you grandfathers, I will do what I can.» Actually we will leave when our time is up, but you, you will stay to live, to exercise, to be a mother and then a grandmother. And that day look for this paper inside a bottle floating in the Sea of Internet (you will know), also look for some photo of us and remind us. Thus we will live in you a little more, Olivia, beloved granddaughter.

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