Obama has one foot out of the White House. His term has been between two presidents that have done and vowed to do things as bad as possible for their country and the world in general. I am quite interested in knowing why american people have tied Obama’s hands with their vote to elect Congress and Senate doing near impossible to develop their politics when barely months before had elected him with a huge majority.

Anyway, everything is going to be very complicate in the future due to the end of the USA election process. A flood of worrisome news is coming. What to say about the appointment of the new cabinet? Each one is a deep concern in every great problem the world has: climate change, Health of the poorest, violence in schools and violence of police officials. What a paradox that a majority of Trump’s voters are going to suffer his policies. How much hostility, hubris and boasting showed the president elected in his first conference. On the contrary, how much politeness, kindness and intelligence has been showed by Obama till his end of term. American people and the rest of the world will miss Barak.  A great loss in the years coming.

Maybe there are people who don’t matter to have a well educated man on the summit. People that don’t understand the importance of exemplarity. The way the high echelons do things, so ordinary people will do. Therefore we must to be prepare for a wave of bad guys doing and saying bad things. Obama have been an example of how a great man on the summit have to behave. Moreover he has been an example of dignity facing tough duty against terrorism and, paradoxically fighting with his opponent into the US congress and senate when he tried to change things on favour of vulnerable people.

His speeches will be remembered many years after he leave behind the White House. Its have been a great pieces of oratory that for sure we will miss. Neither the previous president did nor the next will deliver us something alike.

His compatriots, unless those that love culture as a whole pack of compassion and mutual friendship, feel that he heard them because he felt true respect to them. Even foreign people beyond the sea have felt him as authentic world leader. In a way we all will be orphan, even though America have to change a great deal to help the world solve big problems as inequality, tax haven or climate change. He have honestly tried. I hope he will follow helping the world to solve this crucial issues with steady hands.

Good Luck Mr. Obama, dear Barack


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