The real modern paradox is that we are needed as consumers of manufactured products to become capital that feeds back the economic system, but not as workers because the products are to be manufactured by robots.

There is a logic because the type of consumer that requires modern capitalism «can not» work because it has to spend all the time checking how to optimize their salary by looking at the intelligent meter of light to choose when to connect the appliances ; wandering around the gas stations to see which one offers you the best price; by searching of insurance company with Internet; by studying loan offers so our children can study; by finding out telephone company to take advantage of competitive offers; by Lending our car to a stranger who has reserved it in an Apps; by visiting travel portals, hotels, and perhaps looking at food labels to make sure it is non-toxic, forcing them to take the time to choose the best hospital to be cured or, in case everything goes wrong, search prices of coffins and systems to vanish once weary of not being able to live.

We have gone from a system of life in which the State took care that the greedies did not finish us or our heritage prematurely to another in which the message is «sort it out for yourself!». That is to say the work of 9 to 17 will be to maintain the commercial dynamism in a scenario of maximum competition until the planet endures. A sought-after dynamism in which each individual is the agent of this state of things. Hence It will be unconvincing to settle for a service fee without discussing it, waiting naively for market products to be healthy, or wait for retirement after years of listing to a public system. Especially if the time left is for reading a book or chatting with your friends becoming a social hazard.

As we are in the transitional period, the planets are aligned so that everything is lousy. In other words, we still work because the robots still can not do everything, we are paid little to get good products prices and it is expected that the dynamism identified above will activate in our free time mobile in hand. In this phase of transition is expected to compensate the risk that our nationals do not buy the products for lack of income, selling abroad. When the picture is completed worldwide it will no longer serve to sell off because we will have to buy, equally out by reciprocity. At that moment the system will not be able to continue working if free money is not given to citizens, not to be workers (the robots will do it) but to dynamize and optimize the system by changing suppliers quickly and accurately. That will be the work of the future. At the same time, it is also key the Big Data that are fed by social networks and Internet shopping so that companies can anticipate their production based on consumer expectations.

What a panorama !. The fundamental university careers will be, for a trained elite, those of Automation Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience in order to allow the maintenance and progress of automation and the knowledge of the consumer drives. The remainder of us will basically have to be users of applications on a background of statistical knowledge to interpret optimization indicators. Will there be time off? I hope so, so that the new resulting institutions do not destroy democracy, free speech, culture and all of us.




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