Troy (XIII BC), Jerusalem (70 AD), Guernica (1937), Dresden (1945), Aleppo (2016). The cities have been subjected to terrible destructions poetically provoked by the abduction of Helen by Paris, by the insurgency of the Jews before Augustus, by the instrumental malice of the Nazi and Spanish nationals, by the vengeance of the Allies for the bombings of London or By the preference of the powers by the dictators. For some reasons or others, the inhabitants were forced to keep their hands on a knife (Numancia, too), and from Guernica civilians are being mercilessly bombarded by the building of entire neighborhoods with debris. All the plagues accumulated in the criminal cowardice that kills and finishes, which destroys the few islands of sanity, which ravages schools and cuts supplies by causing hunger, prevents the entry of aid from the only decent souls of the conflict in the form of Altruistic suicide. Aleppo is the symbol of human madness in our generation, that of the 50’s. A generation that, between the Great Disgrace that was World War and the death of Fidel Castro, lived believing in the therapy Illustrated by education and enjoying the mega bubble created by neoliberalism at the stage where, at least in Europe, they did not yet dare to destroy public services. Today he wakes up proving that the whole educational effort translates into fear of life and encased around insane leaders well educated, but selfish until narcissism; With comfortable lives, but envious of the lives of the rich; With obvious problems to solve, but attentive, only attentive, to its governmental perpetuation. Leaders loose, without ideals, cynical, without vision of global problems and intellectually and emotionally disabled to address them. And yet, the alternative is worse, to fall into the hands of saviors with the same defects but with the brute force behind. This is the case of Assad, the still Syrian president who has preferred a destructive Civil War to prepare his country for democracy. And with the same pretext that is always the energy to prevent the arrival of Islamist extremism, as it was before to prevent the left movements. Lethal geostrategic movement that exports insecurity and suffering to Africa just as it does with electronic waste. And when this suffering materializes, cities are destroyed and with them civic life, rest after work, education and parenting, serene study of problems in the scientific fields and, ultimately, the life of the Civilized polis In Aleppo, where one lives in absolute desolation, unbearable pain, eternal resentment, biblical hatred, psychological misery and deep despair, that civilized life is already a memory.

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