Robotization will create a scenario of GDP generation without workers. No one answers what to do with the people in that situation, because all the wealth generated will remain in the hands of the owners of the Big Robotic. It seems that we would go to a dystopian situation in which:

  • The current pay off that accumulates in certain hands will finance the investment necessary for the total robotization of production.
  • Robots will replace human participation in the material production of food, clothing, health, buildings, infrastructure, transportation and education.
  • Jobs disappear dramatically, because not even the robots would be produced by humans.
  • The income generated would remain in the hands of the owners of the robots.
    It would not be necessary for the population without benefits buy the production because it would only be produced for the owners of the robots that constitute about 100 million people.
  • Obviously this is nonsense and before it happens the guillotines will be taken out of their sheaths. Humanity will have the wisdom to share with this or that mechanism the activity and wealth produced for the enjoyment of all. But that will not prevent them from going through irrational periods. I think technology is going at the right speed to compensate for population growth. These are the two great factors of change in practical life. Because there are other changes, these in the minds, that depend on the other great factor that is the education. And today, we must understand by education the sum of School, University, Written media and television plus social networks. Information, ideas, prejudices and malice compose a complex as a radicalization on our minds for whose government we need clear and powerful heuristics (rules of thought).

It’s a shame that the entire Big Educator complex results in so much misinformation about what’s important. On those aspects of human life and our physical environment that are relevant when making decisions about us and who should be in charge of our governments.

As the robotic future arrives, we must think that its viability must be based on a general principle: «there is no peace without justice». Human beings must take advantage of the liberation of routine and alienating tasks to enjoy what is specifically human: personal relationships, culture and creativity while still controlling the whole system we are creating. For such control it is necessary to establish standardized and permanently updated information panels on the great economic and social benefit parameters including the large modules of state budgets and their execution in order to feed the critical spirit and good governance.

I believe that the tasks of the future that will increasingly occupy the people will be the following:

  1. Scientists to improve the Big Robotic
  2. Technicians at the service of innovation and maintenance of the Big Robotic for the production of the material components of industrial or domestic form of
    Shelter (housing, infrastructure, transport)
    Education and culture.
  3. Technicians for the maintenance of the Great Homo (Educators, doctors, psychologists, nurses)
  4. Generators of Management Systems of the Optimization of Resources (applications so that there are no empty houses or cars stopped, applications for the reuse of goods …)
    More life facilitators (massages, sports, errands, coaches)
  5. Humanists, teachers, creators and artistic interpreters so that we do not lose our reason forgetting that life needs a meaning in permanent philosophical discussion.
  6. If rent remains, we can afford some politicians … few but good. That is to say temporary exercise of politics permanently recycled with the most able among the workers of the previous points to exercise a policy oriented to the common good.

It is evident that 1 and 2 (Hard phase) must produce everything necessary for 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 (Soft phase). If, until now, the money has flowed from those who deal with phase H to phase S, by decreasing the number of jobs some may think that those of phase S are parasites. A type of thinking typical of the true parasite while pushing the ball on the green. But no, once the need for primary production is reduced, it is not necessary to be depressed and, much less, to leave people on the ground for lack of collective intelligence. What has to be done is to be happy and that the robots take care of the hardest tasks to be able to make that their contribution becomes wealth and, this, of course, be distributed generating social and individually attractive activities. With the added advantage that so few will be concerned with H-phase that, therefore, few will think that the vast majority (those of S-phase) are parasites. The distribution system will require that the services in the S phase have quality and interest to generate its corresponding market between the H and the S.

We will have to think about how to make the transition for these jobs. There should be no stock of unemployed citizens due to the flexibility of point 5. In any case, a basic income must always be possible to maintain personal dignity, which, as is logical to think, returns in the monthly cycle to the cash flow to be used in an inevitable way in the vital maintenance of people. On the other hand, it is clear that the universities will have to make a great effort to speed up the generation of their training programs and make their application more flexible or they will disappear in the vertigo of telematic training and the internationalization of intellectual relations. From this point of view of personal harmony it is imperative that technological universities have compulsory humanistic studies embedded and that humanistic universities also include mandatory technological studies. Obviously in extent and degree of detail proportional to the purpose.

All components of the six categories above will be encouraged to consume part of their time in maintaining the efficiency of the production system through a fluid and intelligent purchase and contracting of products and services. All this with a control system that avoids the pathological accumulation of money or industry of obscene luxury that absorb financial resources for beneficial investments. Finally, it is fundamental that, except for highly creative people, the distribution of income is associated with systematic tasks of intensity proportional to the productive capacity of the system.

In short, that you come the robots, So what? we will know what to do with them for the good life.

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