When insomnia is present the brain works alone. I am not responsible. I have limited myself to write under dictation (4:45 a day)

The Will to be is the prime force for every portion of the universe. From it, to the human level, emanate two derived wills: that of remaining in individuality until the exhaustion of possible life and that of prolonging existence beyond death. From the will to life emanates the will to power and the will to recognition. From the will of immortality comes the will to reproduce and the will to reputation.

All these wills can be exercised in an orderly fashion if they harmonize with those of others or can be disordered if they are exercised at the expense of others. All conflict arises from the tyrannical power, the absence of recognition or reputation and the lack of control of the drive of reproduction as seduction or fecundation. Conflicts in certain degrees of paroxysm generate the will to death.

The recognition is a drive that demands both the appreciation of the nearest people and the admiration of others. As these wills are compulsive, the good life has to come from the intelligence. That is, the informed will. That is, of the will with alternatives envisaged as destructive or constructive. Society has to institute in order not to allow power, sex, appreciation and admiration to be enjoyed with differences between individuals that exceed the thresholds that cause the perception of lack or excess.

The human being reacts emotionally when he perceives himself to be outside the normal range. Emotions are associated with social uses in a virtually indelible form, so it is necessary to educate so that it is not accepted to be below the threshold of lack or allowed to be above the threshold of excess.

It takes a new philosophy of the will and its ally the truth. From it will be derived a new policy and a new art. Truth is the goal of the harmonized will of all individuals. Truth is found in the adjustment of the senses, thought, reason and action with their corresponding perceived worlds: the sensible world, the intelligible world, the world of hope and the practical world. The regulation of these four worlds has two dimensions: the individual and the social. The regulation of the individual dimension we call ethics; The regulation of the social dimension we call it moral when the regulatory factor is public appreciation, and we call it law when the regulatory factor is public coercion. If ethical truth is not given in some of the worlds, the individual experiences guilt; if not moral truth is given, the individual experiences shame and of not giving the legal truth the individual experiences loss of his patrimony or his freedom.

Nowadays the Western world is suffering the fall of the moral truth with serious consequences for the ethical truth, that depends on it through the education and the own biography of the individual in variable surroundings. This weakening of moral truth originates in the disappearance of the transcendent religious reference without having been replaced by an immanent natural reference of equal power. In the East, the persistence of religious reference is so powerful that the contrast with Western morality in its present state is unavoidable.

The West situation in the no-man’s land weakens the leadership by the absence of the old legitimacy and the one that has to arrive for the survival of the civilization. The broken soul in the East exacerbates fanaticism by contrast of two moral levels separated 500 years in terms of Western history. The collision between both civilizational conflicts can only have a pacific outlet through what both have in common. That is, the endearing aspiration to a good life of the vast majority of human beings that constitute both groups. Only the elites who in the West look to the Elector and the Orient to the Book can produce the catastrophe.

To avoid it, it is necessary that the elites contribute to instituting a greater presence of the will of life in the decision making regulating of majorities’ participation while giving up the lack of cognitive truth produced by the premeditated lie. Cognitive truth has reached the level of current sophistry because of the well-intentioned and even necessary effort during the XX century to discuss certainties. But once the scene of credulity is cleansed, it is necessary to restore an absolute truth for the human species. This truth, absolute by elemental, is that no policy or strategy that entails the physical or psychic destruction of a human being will be allowed. Any extreme coherence will be considered dementia. The action needs a plan that will always be theoretical until its application. This plan will be repealed as far as the application of it provoke effects that attempt against the absolute truth of the species.

Human nature conditions us, but it does not paralyze us. In any case, using the beautiful expression of Nietzsche, we will dance even if chained. The will of life allows us to progress, as long as no individual or group pretends to monopolize their enjoyment.

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