The parks are an imitation of nature, but the whole culture is a theatre. It is our way to fill color life. A park is also culture, so humans are around to enjoy them. So the buildings emerge above the tops of the mulberry trees warning that without them the park would be meaningless. The leaves of mulberry trees do not know that they need little to fall, although they have noticed has lowered the sap flow. Mulberry trees represent in this case feeding worms silk factory which stood here. In fact they have homesickness for the small bites of genuine factory workers: the Bombyx Mory, worms that are tireless workers unlike their human counterparts.

This park is real by the convergence of the late existence of the factory facilities and the emergence of awareness of other cities in the eighties made it possible to avoid the space was filled mercilessly. Silk is a very resistant fiber and a symbol of wealth and elegance since at least 3000 years ago. In the UK «taking silk» is to achieve the highest recognition in the world of law. Iron hand in silk glove is demanded for better diplomacy. Silk weaved in a special way results in one of the most prized velvets. Anyway, the silk park is a spiritual and physical treatment to its neighbors, an expansion to their pets, multiracial celebration center and a livelihood for ducks.

Very soon we will see bare trees just when colder is going to come (they will know). In the center and in spite of the weather stands always with the same brick coat the chimhey of the factory furnace. Despite their efforts the neighboring eucalyptus has failed to reach it. At his coronation two rings with grace, the second of which pretends to be supported by a series of corbels surely by spontaneous result of good taste of the bricklayer that risked their live up there. Probably when he had put the last brick would have felt like Edmund Hillary at the coronation of the Everest if not for he had anticipated him more than 100 years. What is certain is that felt the breeze that moves the tops of the tallest trees in the park (see video). In any case Chimy (loving name with the neighbors will call her when they read this article) remains hieratic watching Spanish, Ecuatorians, Arabs, Chinese and Africans because he knows that this has only just begun. Neither he made any comment when he saw wiped with energy only the side of the perimeter sidewalk that would be treaded by the mayor to inaugurate an act. Well, I think it has been realized that I am talking about her and I am not sure it like it. So I am going to dissimulate, because we still have to live together for many years.

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