Architecture crisis

In his book «Studies on tectonic culture,» Kenneth Frampton says the following:

«In this context (exaltation of capitalism) is regrettable that the European Community sponsor architecture while causing his death, as is apparent from its relentless proposal of a single market, regardless of their cultural costs. This economic boost has had unintended consequence as recent efforts by several Member states of the European Union to undermine the authority of the architect and thus, could also add, to the effective capacity of them to design civic forms. They have introduced national legislation that seeks to destabilize the architecture profession challenging its legal status. «

This was said in 1995. 21 years ago confirming that reality is anachronistic. That is, what happens today was already thought, conceived or planned long before. In this case the events of 2013 caused by reckless drafts of the Law of Professional Services are a good example of this. In all cases encourages a perverse and at the time, irrational desire for social destruction. «Collective does not exist,» he said at the end of the 70s a follower of Hayes. Same came to say Margaret Thatcher few years later. Of that hatred of the social, of that rabid love of individualism without restraint these consequences in the form of collapse of all social including beauty !.

Here the crisis Architecture enrolls, which only come out through the most virile democratic exercise (which would say Ortega) and the very feminine ability to get it because by the infinite strength of one who knows that the truth is on your belly and not in aristocratic nightmares. Architecture should be preserved because it is about the society mental health. Who will visit cities totally designed by greed without falling into dementia? What monuments, other than whoses to celebrate vanity, will be promoted by the holders of the wealth of all? What heritage will be preserved by those who see the ground a business opportunity and noble stones an obstacle to their claims bastards?

The crisis will end up with the help of youth. Young people may not know this, but are possessed of two powerful resources: open brains open to all possibilities and a libido that can distribute between love to the bodies and minds. From the latter must be born first chance to resist and overcome the attempt of a few to consume the efforts of all killing the material sources and the bases of aesthetic happiness. The times demand a compromise between beauty and compassion. This requires removing what hinders to open large metaphorical avenues, as he did with very different purposes and lasting effects the Baron Haussmann 150 years ago.

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